A Boutique Bindery in West Michigan.

Since 2008 I’ve made custom boxes and books that are both functional and delightful. I use traditional methods and contemporary materials and design to create unique objects customized to your vision.

Customized to your vision

Image of custom proof photo box. Photo by Corbin Gurkin.

Custom Boxes

My handmade boxes are the perfect addition to protect and personalize your treasured books, photographs, artwork, or ephemera.

Image of custom photo albums. Photo by Corbin Gurkin.

Albums and Books

Albums are a wonderful way to collect and remember important moments. Whether you're mounting your own photos or rebinding a printed album, I can help.

Image of editions. Photo by Wendy Withrow.


Some books beg to be made in multiples. Your unique children's book or great American novel can be bound in small batches to share with friends, family, or the world.

Image of customization. Photo by Corbin Gurkin.

Customizations & Unique touches

I can customize your project to your needs, whether you want stamping, insets, clasps and closures, pockets, compartments, or drawers.

High-quality modern materials

I source the finest bookcloth and paper from suppliers around the country to help you realize your vision. Your custom box or book shouldn't just protect and preserve your memories—it should be a beautiful keepsake itself.

Ready to work together?

I can't wait to hear about your ideas and to help you get the book or box you're dreaming of.